Why Your Movie Theater May Want To Work With A COVID 19 Disinfection Company Even If You Don't Have An Outbreak

Why Your Movie Theater May Want To Work With A COVID 19 Disinfection Company Even If You Don't Have An Outbreak

6 April 2022
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If you run a movie theater, you likely already know all about the difficulties that have been caused for many types of businesses due to the COVID 19 pandemic. If you want to provide your employees and your guests with peace of mind, one possibility you might want to look into would be to form a long-term relationship with a professional cleaning company that can offer COVID 19 disinfection services. Here's why you might want to retain this kind of help or make use of the services even if you are not currently battling an outbreak of COVID 19.

Movie Theaters May Still Have a Safety Problem in the Minds of Some Customers Simply Due to How the Typical Theater is Set Up

You've likely done what you can to give customers peace of mind about your theater, and maybe you enforce social distancing by only booking every other seat in a given theater. But for people still worried about the pandemic, the idea of sitting in a crowded room around a lot of other people may still be somewhat uncomfortable, even with some amount of distancing. Making it clear that you bring in a disinfection service after every big budget superhero movie or other "tentpole" film to deep clean and disinfect the entire theater may make paying customers more likely to come back.

Forming a Relationship With a Disinfection Service Before You Actually Need It May Allow You to Address an Actual Outbreak More Quickly

Once you start using a local deep cleaning or disinfection service just as a precaution, you may be better positioned to react quickly if it comes out that there was in fact a serious exposure amongst your employees or customers within your business or within the confines of a specific theater room. When you already have a disinfection service under contract with you, they may be quicker to respond and take care of the situation immediately, allowing you to restore peace of mind and hopefully re-open your doors as soon as possible.

Theaters That Get A Regular Deep Cleaning Will Be More Pleasant to Sit In Just in General

While COVID surely did a number on movie theaters, another thing you might be struggling with is that a lot of paying customer have big screen TVs at home and might prefer just streaming a movie from the comfort of the couch when compared with going to a theater that might have a spilled drink and sticky floor from the last crowd. You of course have janitors or maintenance employees to take care of these things, but a regular deep cleaning of every last inch of your theater room may work wonders for the image or perception of your theater. You may be seen as the "cleanest" theater in town in comparison to your competition, and people may prefer to go to the cleaner theater if they have a choice for a specific movie they want to see. Employ COVID 19 business sanitization services for a clean theater and a comfortable space for the audience.

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